Executive Summary
Association of Malawians in Ireland hereinafter referred to as ‘the Association’ or AMAI, is
a Malawian diaspora community-based organisation founded in 2004 for the purpose of
serving the interest of Malawians living in Ireland through sharing of information,
community integration, social welfare, community development, empowerment, cultural
exchanges, and social activities.
AMAI is a registered charity by the Charity Regulator of Ireland with a charity number:
20165451 and is governed by the constitution of the Association and holds its Annual
General Meetings in March every year.
The Executive Committee
The Association is administered by elected officials whose positions are on voluntary basis.
AMAI is headed by the Chairperson who is the overall overseer of the affairs of the
Association. Other positions within the committee are; Vice Chairperson, Secretary, ViceSecretary, Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer, Publicity, Vice-Publicity, Head of Social Welfare,
Head of Entertainment, and other committee members. This committee can serve for up to a
period of two years and can seek re-election.
Under my administration, the Association has pioneered a number of charity works across
Ireland and rapid response to several problems facing Malawi.
In March 2021, the Association solicited funds from the Malawian community and others,
amounting to €1,500 which was donated to Mzimba district hospital through assorted medical
items in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which hit hard Malawi and Mzimba district in
AMAI also donated, some face masks to Lilongwe Girls Secondary School in the same
month of March 2021.
In February 2022, AMAI pioneered another rapid response program by collecting clothes and
shoes worth €7,000 from well-wishers across Ireland for the people of Nsanje and Chikwawa
districts in Malawi.
The Association supports the Malawi Football Team in Ireland through cash, and in kind. In
2021, AMAI donated goal nets to Malawi Football Team who are currently participating in
the United Churches Football League (UCFL).
Build One House Per Year Project – For The Elderly In Malawi
The current administration has a long-term vision that is aiming at building a house for one
elderly per year beginning 2022. Gogo Wetu Bello from Mangochi, was identified after
noting that she lives in a dilapidated house with 10 grandchildren. AMAI has solicited funds
(in progress) from well-wishers to fund this project estimated at €2,950. Gogo Bello hails
from Mangochi district, TA Mponda.
Marketing Malawi In Ireland and Northern Ireland
Being the biggest Malawian diaspora organisation by results, AMAI has embarked on a
campaign of selling Malawi to other communities in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The ‘Visit
Malawi’ program will see Malawi being advertised in Dublin bus and Transport for Ireland
buses, printed T-Shirts, posters and rolling banners.
Source of Funding
The Association gets support from its members through a yearly subscription of €25 per
person. This has been the main pipe of AMAI in all years since inception.
Additionally, the Association receives support from other organisations like Irish AID for
Africa Day. Irish AID supports many diaspora institutions including AMAI every year to the
tune of €100. In 2021, AMAI received huge sponsorships from MOTO MONEY for
Independence Day Celebrations and AMAI Got-Talent Kids Competition.
The Associations strives to achieve a lot in coming years through synergies with many
Malawian and Irish Organisations. Currently, there are about 1,850 Malawians living in
Ireland as per statistics carried out by the Association issued on 30th April 2022.
Henry Mkumbira Phiri
Chairperson Association of Malawians In Ireland